Adult chats with no credit card needed

Adult chats with no credit card needed

So thank you for not letting fall for this scam yet again. I am in a similar situation as I have been talking to someone that I have met on instagram for almost a year now.He claims that he has two children and that he is a widow, and his sister is raising his children while he is stationed at a military camp up in Ohio. He added her on Facebook and is no longer on her page same situation widowed with two adult daughters. He also is currently not in the country needs the i Tune cards to call her.RIGHT NOW someone from Advance Cash America is trying to get me to pay 1 and telling me I will be taken to court and the papers have already been filed. I almost fell for it until they said to buy an i Tune card. He also says he has millions in the bank, big houses and fancy cars in Kentucky.He says he needs the i Tunes card with at first .00,.00 and then 0.00 so he can file paperwork known as supposed leave of absence to come be with me...i never see him ever , block # and emails and etc !!Hi I want to say thank you for letting me know that you cant update your phone using i Tunes card. Then I found this new guy what I thought would be my better half.I met him by his friend request on Facebook, which I eventually accepted.He began communicating through messenger, but kept pressing me to give him my regular text message number or my email address.

He said he was divorced with a young 14 year old son and he was an only child whose parents died in a car accident when he was 7. Recently he asked for me to help him by buying an i Tunes card for 0 for his son for things he needs for his studies in London.

Government offices won’t require you to use these payment methods. I was going to make it in 3 payments but got skeptical when it said buy an i Tunes card. The comments you post here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

If you get targeted by a scam like this, report it to the FTC at Read 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud I AM SO GLAD that I did my research first and saw your reply!! So I started looking on the internet to see if there were scams like this. Hello, do not understand what u mean by "couldn't pass the amount u've spent" Anyhow, i too was a recent victom and did not think QUICK ENOUGH to search online for i Tune/gov grant scams❗My mistake cost me 0 upon providing "Nick Sharma of Federal Reserve Bank Accounting Mgr" with the cards' serial code revealed upon sratching off the silver❗ Right now on Google plus, there's a person of interest who says he's in the military in Libya at a camp fighting for freedom.

He too saying all that you want to hear and build a relationship with you and then oh by the way I am in Africa and I need a i Tunes card to update my phone so I can get to my apps on my phone so I can give this company money. My alarm bells went off amd when I told him no I cant.

He just says you my only hope yeah right I dont think so.

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