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-counting method) or by directly counting the radiocarbon atoms using a method called Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS).Measurement of the radioactivity of the sample works very well if the sample is large, but in 9 months less than 0.01% of the radiocarbon ions will decay, so in a reasonable measurement time (typically a few weeks) only a very small proportion of the radiocarbon atoms are detected by this method.The dating of groundwater is performed by DIC (dissolved inorganic carbon) pretreatment.ICA recommends a minimum of 1 liter per sample to be sent for analysis.ICA offers an unique combination of affordability, quality, and fast turnaround that is unmatched.ICA does not apply a fee if a date cannot be generated. It is recommended that a minimum of 10 mg be sent for analysis.The program can be used for calibration of dates using the Int Cal curves or post-bomb data.

National Geophysical Data Center Paleoclimatology Home Page.

ICA opened its doors in 2013 to help satisfy the growing need for affordable radiocarbon dating analysis with a fast turn-around.

Since opening, ICA has dated thousands of carbon-14 samples for hundreds of clients from all over the world.

One site, many major programs: CALIB, Marine Reservoir Correction, CALIBomb, Int Cal13, SHCal13, Int Cal09. This is an online radiocarbon calibration program with downloadable versions for Windows and Mac platforms.

Arizona AMS lab GNS Science AMS lab https:// Arizona Tree Ring Lab leave a comment at the bottom of the page to report errors or suggest links.) CALIB Home Page.

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AMS, on the other hand, can in principle detect a much higher proportion (typically about 1% of the total) allowing sample sizes to be smaller by a factor of about a thousand.

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