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Are wale and melanie fiona dating

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin known as “Wale” was born on September 21, 1984, in Washington, D. His parents were originally from Nigeria and came to the United States in 1979. He went to Quince Orchard High School located in Gaithersburg, Maryland and completed his graduation in 2002.

When he was 10, his family moved from Northwest, Washington, D. He then went to Robert Morris University followed by Virginia State University.

Ay, tell them niggas at the top we want yo spot we are for real And yeah, we heard you got it locked but like them socks, we on your heels So you best be on your toes nigga, especially on your flows nigga Cause man they keep on checking for me, especially all your hoes nigga Catch me on your doorstep, you see me, let me in All I wanna do is eat, I'm like a freaky lesbian Now all I wanna do is ball on TV, need ESPN They heard I'm 'bout to blow so all my enemies say let's be friends And all these rappers know just where I'm 'bout to go so catch me then Where all the girls we knew that screamed fuck you going let me then I'm definitely in a class of my own, at dinner with Hov Hoping that he pass the baton, he just passed the Patron Ain't nothing given dawg, it's earned if you just living, dog, you learn I let you niggas see the light, I'm like the prison yard, I yearn For that living large, but mama I ain't done yet Sit back and watch your sunrise, kick back and know your son set Forever I ain't run yet, and I never will, Nas told me life's a bitch Pac said fuck the world and I ain't come yet, you up yet My punchlines like gut checks I'm raw-dog, I'm rough sex I'm on deck, I'm up next, I'm God blessed, I'm success So fuck stress, you can get the fuck from 'round me And if you listening, know you wondering where the fuck they found me I'm from the Ville, boy, ay Wale, good looking [Chorus: Melonie Fiona & Wale] Babe, you know it gets no better than this It's like, sunshine on a rainy day It's like a high, could you take me away?

Take me away, away It's a beautiful bliss, oh (When you feel like this) Beautiful bliss, oh (When you spill out hits) Beautiful bliss, oh, oh, oh (When you fly as a bitch) And you ride with this, and you ain't bothered a bit now, baby [Verse 3: Wale] Another day up in my ES, wish it was an LS But elastic is my wallet, fuck it I don’t be stressed like relaxed, muscles Your feedback ain't plusing, and you can keep it running Ha, like a muffler, when we not in summer They like A-list actors, they not no stunners Too much practice now for me to malfunction So any beat that function, I breathe on and puncture Leave it like a female vagina punctu- Waiting, showing you her beauty if she's naked It's like the view of a painting or a lakehead This just how beautiful my day is Peep me how I'm raising up the capital from Nathan Capital I'm raising like I'm through punctuating Or shift keys or an I placement cause Shifted keys gets your capital raised up Motherfucker, hah!

This was followed by ‘The Gifted’ in 2013 and ‘The Album About Nothing’ in 2015.

He then recorded the musical theme of First Take on ESPN.

In the same year, he released his sixth mixtape called More About Nothing.

In November 2011, he released his second solo album ‘Ambition’.

The couple welcomed their first child named Zyla Moon Oluwakemi in July 2016.

And he keeps adding to his portfolio of colossal deals.

Moments ago, it was announced that the rapper has joined forces with the record label arm of HOV’s Roc Nation empire to launch his own imprint – Dream Chasers.

He became popular after his song “Dig Dug (Shake It)” in 2006.

In 2009, he released his debut album called ‘Attention Deficit’ which included the singles “World Tour”, “Pretty Girls”, and “Chillin’”.

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They were also expecting a child in 2015, however, his girlfriend had a miscarriage and lost his first child.

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