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Then after Davening there, they turned around and the men were gone.When I heard that it reminded me of the stories where Eliyahu Hanavi, or someone would just appear miraculously.It reminds me of my twin brothers bar mitzvah, when I got a cake too. I had a great time in Israel spending time with both of my grandparents, and meeting other relatives.We didn’t do much touring since the men and boys went to a lot of Kvarim.But as Jews we have the added privilege to have the Torah.And as Chazal tell us, we didn't really want any rules. Gone to a book reading If you have more things to add feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment with a link to that which I have never done/seen.Since it was my little sister’s birthday also, she got a cake. I brought my laptop with me thinking I would have internet in Israel and be able to communicate with SN that way, but it wasn’t so simple. We took lots of pictures and videos so that we would be able to share the experience.

The program was very small, and we became extremely close to many of our teachers. Anyway, because we were so close, we used to go into long conversations about our families, and how they reacted when we decided to become frum and so on. And now he is 31, dating a shiksa, and we suspect he wants to marry her, but he fears our reaction (my mom -his sister- is probably his favorite family member).

13 that the organization revitalized its image “to meet the expectations of today’s philanthropist,” Bnai Zion said in a statement to the Journal.

nonprofit that funds capital projects in Israel, announced on Aug.

I went with my family to Israel for my little brothers Bar Mitzvah.

Earlier I had posted about Chanukah at the Kotel, and now it had actually happened.

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