Butch fem dating

Butch fem dating

You are the only person allowed to define how you identify.

It is best to make any choices about labels with an understanding of the history surrounding any words you pick. I think so, but only really out of the context of dating men.

I'm not less masculine presenting by being with a man. Those terms are for the "butch/femme" dynamic in lesbian relationships.

Bisexuals using them seems like cultural appropriation of us lesbians.

Alas it’s up to others how they want to identify as long as they speak for themselves and not for myself or anyone else. Even though I have children, I never saw myself as bi because I don’t find men attractive at all and never been sexually, romantically etc attracted to them, which is an oxymoron but I just don’t and care nothing for them.

See it as culturally it is what it is, coming from an 80’s black community.

Literally nobody knows the terms that people bring up called "tomcat, stag, doe" etc. I can't deal with anyone who wants to make the lonely existence of being butch even more lonely for anyone. Those terms are definitely rooted in lesbian culture but all queer women can label their identities in any way they feel comfortable with, so long as they aren’t reclaiming a slur that isn’t theirs to reclaim.​The Butch Factor: Masculinity from a Gay Male Perspectivehttps://us/story/inqueery-butch BUTCH Voices Messy, Butch, and Queer: LGBTQ Youth and the School-to-Prison Pipeline Not just lesbian women! Reported Effects of Masculine Ideals on Gay Men Uses "butch" throughout Any queer masculinity can be called "butch."Stop harassing bisexuals, nonbinary people, etc.

If you look like a butch and you date women and literally everyone in your life calls you butch without you even mentioning anything then whytf would you not be allowed to call yourself butch.I'm bi, dating a man (and an enby partner also), and butch.No other gender identity has fit (and I've tried). Your bi-ness doesn't invalidate your butchness. Butchness is tied to three factors; 1) you're a woman 2) you present masc 3) you like women (arguable because of stone butch blues talking about straight butches)If you were told that you were not a woman because you present masc, that wouldn't fly, right? If I told someone I was a tomcat, I can almost guarantee they'd have no idea what I was talking about. It sounds childish to me (if you identify as it though; go for it. Most times, we end up having to join lesbian butch communities (why I'm here) to even have a butch community, and often we face discrimination for it.Lesbians are understandably wary of folks appropriating language that has helped build and define a community.As the world has moved towards a more complex understanding of gender one of the things that has loosened the most is what is “acceptable” for “women” to wear (I use quotes because these standards vary greatly between racial demographics and with regards to trans folks).

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It doesn't make you less bi, so why would it make you less butch?

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