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Cams no card

Hydraulic lifters must never be used when degreeing cams, they can bleed down and give you false readings.

For Pushrod style engines this is easy, if your camshaft choice is hydraulic roller or hydraulic flat tappet, simply purchase a solid equivalent of your lifter.

Is to achieve the correct valve opening and closing points for your engine.

All of our new camshafts are ground to exact specification using the latest CNC machining processes but there are other factors that can cause incorrect camshaft to crankshaft phasing.

The best place to start is to install your cam on factory marks using the engine manufacturer's procedure.

Lifter Setup Instructions Be absolutely certain that you use the correct type of lifter for the camshaft that is being Degreed.

While once the car impacted while driving or in parking mode, the G-sensor will automatically lock the footage to "Event File" to prevent it from being overwritten.

The complete package includes front and rear cameras , 10 ft car charger, 3ft mini USB cable, 20ft rear camera cable , front and rear camera bracket and the adhesive stickers.

Base on the compact and discreet dual lens dash camera designed, the hidden dash cam simultaneous recording front and rear in FHD, it can also stick directly to your windshield for optimal field-of-view and a super easy installation, thus not blocking the sight and making safety driving.

Triggered by the motion sensor, the car dash camera will automatically record when people or things come closer to your car.

Please hardwire it or connect it with external battery pack when parking.

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Time lapse function automatically takes photos at specified intervals and edit them together to a video clip so they can play much faster than real time.

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