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Kim Heechul added The other guest and MC who attended the show weren’t surprised by Kim Heechul’s explanation, and later on, Kim Heechul continued talking about dealing with a break-up by saying that when his girlfriend asked him to break up, and if he had ever loved her, Kim Heechul answered that he liked her, but he wasn’t sure that he loved her, and that was officially the end of the relationship. Many of the viewers weren’t surprised by his statement.

Kim Heechul barely knew why he and girlfriend broke up because he couldn’t keep in good contact with his girlfriend during his busy schedule, and he knew he got dumped because he couldn’t even make time for his her.

Kim Heechul has starred in many variety shows, and his career surrounds him with girls, which is why he is known to be a bit of a ‘playboy’ character.

In real life, he’s a very nice person, and females are just comfortable to be around him.

Kim Heechul had rule for himself that he wouldn’t be interested in any other girl when he was dating someone.

That’s why he ended his relationship on good terms, even though his savage personality can’t be hidden, but he explained that he still can work or broadcast with his ex-girlfriend on good terms, whenever they meet at the broadcasting station.

The female celebs who are known to have be close friends with Kim Heechul as colleagues include: In January 2017, Kim Heechul appeared on Kim Heechul Channel A’s ’Singderella’ and he was given a question about his attitude towards love.

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