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You need to atone your wrong doing and make them like you, to do that you need to meet the requirement to go to the next level of the relationship.Requirement depend on each girl, they range from affection (heart), have cash in the bank, gift, having a certain expertise in a hobbies, going on a particular date with her or having a particular job.You start at the normal x1 time but you can restart to play at a faster time which depends on how many achievements you have.You keep all your time slot and diamond and get an extra boost in time.Are obtain by getting the girls to their next affection level and getting achievement.You can use diamond to accelerate various thing, like skipping 30 min, a day, getting more time slot buying gift.You were distracted by a bird and crashed in to a girl. You now have to pay here bill and win out her heart.In Crush Crush you meet all the girl in disastrous way, hence the crush but you get crush by their beauty so you engage a great journey to amend your wrong and win their heart.

Our keywords were: Cute, Silly, Super-Short, Safe and Vanilla.

Job are unlock by meeting a certain hobbies requirement and they use a designated time slot.

With cash you pay for gift and date 🙂 Hobbies appear usually when you get a girl to a certain level of affection and she either have a hobby level requirement or she want you to be a certain job that have a hobby you don’t have yet.

Really useful when those hobbies start to take days.

The speed upgrade applies to everything, job, hobbies, date time, atone/flirt cool down, etc.

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I’ve found Crush Crush, a Idle game that goes in that vein, no match 3 and no saucy NSFW stuff though.

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