Dating a narcisist

Dating a narcisist

As soon as you reach out a helping hand, their jaws snap shut on you.

We fall for the projected idealised image of the person the covert narcissist wishes they could be but knows in their hearts they are not.

An area of psychology massively under catered for: both a thorough understanding and analysis of covert narcissistic personality disorder and covert exploitative tactics and specifically how to treat the type of devastating long term complex trauma and damage to an individuals psyche this kind of invisible abuse can cause.

Covert Narcissists dangle their vulnerability in front of you as bait, just waiting for your good nurturing mothering/fathering instincts to kick in and rescue the poor little lost child they are presenting to you.

It’s my intention that this course educate you about elements of psychology that are not well understood at this time, in a way that is functional and non academic and not boring. It’s also my intention this course give you some relief from the pain and anxiety you are experiencing right now and that it eradicates the cause of you being in the relationship in the first place.

I could go on, but suffice to say when you google this you will see contradictory information regarding the subject.All the flattery of the initial meeting is a phase in which they are sizing you up, quite possibly full to the brim with boiling envy and narcissistic rage that you have something that they “deserve” to be given the purpose of which is to learn your weaknesses and vulnerabilities so they can drain you dry.Overt narcissists are a walk in the park compared to the covert, and they genuinely are a nastier breed.The problem is: Coverts are marked by failed ambition, chronic feelings of emptiness, fragility, low functioning and when depleted can frequently sink into outright depression.Narcissists can be detected because they will always tell you how amazing they are and by bragging about their achievements.

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And that can be when the next layer of trauma sets in as what you find is the opposite of what you experienced leaving you even more confused frustrated and depressed!

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    Pacing/Suggested Time: Three class periods (approximately 45-50 minutes for each period).

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