Dating black book pdf

Dating black book pdf

Don't be embarrassed as it will help others from falling for it. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, managed by the RCMP, the Competition Bureau and the Ontario Provincial Police, has plenty of information on fraud. top of page Good deals can bait you into falling for expensive traps!A red-haired woman in a yellow superhero suit is pushing back against a too-good-to-be-true free subscription offer, represented by a purple book decorated with a glossy red bow that has been placed inside a bear trap.The emails will make the request sound urgent and confidential.For example, they may say the money is needed to secure an important contract, complete a confidential transaction, or update a supplier's payment information.It is filled with tips and tricks on how to protect yourself and what to do if you get scammed. Anyone can be targeted, from teenagers, to grandparents, to senior corporate officers.

A subscription trap can trick you by offering "free" or "low-cost" trials of products and services.Remember, high-pressure sales tactics like a "limited time offer" are often used to rush you into making a decision.A muscular man in a blue superhero suit is flying through the air, fighting to take back his identity.Scammers are always on the lookout to collect or reproduce your personal information to commit fraud.Thieves can make purchases using your accounts, obtain passports, receive government benefits, apply for loans, and more. Fraudsters use techniques that range from unsophisticated to elaborate.

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Delivery and billing can then be difficult, if not almost impossible, to stop.

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