Dating child alcoholics

Dating child alcoholics

Today, I can honestly say that I am grateful for the blow job incident simply because it forced me to pay closer attention to the quality of men I let into my life and to question why I kept choosing to be loyal to the coke heads, alcoholics and assholes even though I knew they were no good for me. Adult children of alcoholics have difficulty following through a project from beginning to end I remember being sprawled out on my friend's bedroom floor the night before her wedding.

He spent a good 20 minutes going on about how much of a paranoid freak I was, how all of our mutual friends thought I was crazy and how I had too many issues for him to deal with.

“My career is non-existent, I can’t find a decent guy to date…. ” Without missing a beat, my friend turned from the lumps of clothes in her suitcase and said, “In all the years I’ve know you Dawn, I’ve never seen you finish anything you start.

Maybe that’s your problem.” Growing up, my parents’ addictions took priority over every thing else.

The last thing he said, after I tried to explain to him why I was so uncomfortable with his request was, “You should be cool with blow jobs at your age.

You’re not in high school anymore.” Part of me knew that this jerk didn’t deserve an apology or a phone call but I called him anyway, a few days after the incident, hoping to patch things up.

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