Dating conflicting schedules

In general, physical custody refers to the location of the child on the various days of the week; legal custody refers to refers to the responsibilities of making major decisions that affect the child's welfare, including decisions regarding the health, education and religious upbringing of the child.When thinking about a schedule for the kids, you should decide whether you will share physical custody 50/50 or whether there is another shared percentage, per parent, that works for both of you. Visitation Schedule) Considerations: What Works for Us Once you’ve factored in all of these elements, it’s time to build a plan that works for you, your co-parent and your child(ren).It’s essential to be informed about the choices you make during this life transition, even if the divorce isn’t your first choice.

The percentage of time you have the child may impact the child support you receive or pay. For examples of time sharing based on other common physical custody percentages schedules, for example, 60/40, 70/30 and 80/20, visit Nesting Is Not Just for Birds All of the schedules we’ve discussed relate to moving the kids from one household to another.A less common but possible option is called “Nesting.” This requires the co-parents to move in and out of the household instead of the child(ren).If agreement cannot be achieved after, for example, three rounds of back and forth by email, you can specify, in your Parenting Plan that you see a Parenting Coordinator or Mediator specializing in parental conflict, to get help resolving your disagreements.It’s rare that going to court gets you the kind of decision that is helpful to you and your children.

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In addition, you might review primary sources like case law, or secondary resources like what you’ll find here on it’s over easy, which cover many of categories that you’ll most likely be thinking about as you face divorce.

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