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The young dyslexic The effects of dyslexia are widespread, and in mainstream education everything the dyslexic has difficulty with is valued highly by teachers and their peers. Each year the dyslexic child falls even further behind their peers, and their common reaction is to give up even trying in class, as no matter how hard they try, they always seem to get the lowest marks. Studies of teacher training courses and the knowledge-bases of teachers support the argument that most teachers are unqualified to recognise a dyslexic child in their midst. The dyslexic child begins to see themselves as ‘abnormal’ and ‘stupid’, which is exactly what they are told, either openly by teachers or by their friends, or indirectly by being put on the ‘stupid’ table with the other ‘slow’ kids.Once again, they see that withdrawal is a good option to protect their self-esteem, and again depression looms.Many find completing application forms so exhausting that they give up even applying for jobs or benefits, and some even turn to crime to make ends meet.How you can help: Play games that can help strengthen memory.Have your child name the different kinds of cars on the street and then say the names back to you a few minutes later.This allowed them to balance the negativity at school with their ability to out shine their peers outside school.

Compared to their non-dyslexic children, they can see their dyslexic child starting to give up, and beginning to withdraw into a shell-like existence.With the aim to assist both parents and educational practitioners to recognise the emotional turmoil that both young and older dyslexics face in life, Neil Alexander-Passe illustrates the lifelong social and emotional effects of dyslexia. To most, dyslexia is the difficulty with words, but in truth the term is misleading. Children know who the clever and not-so-clever ones are very fast, and no matter how teachers dress up mixed-ability classrooms, kids know!The true effects of dyslexia go well beyond having a difficulty with words and spelling, as it also affects the ability to remember names and facts, balance and the ability to tie shoe laces and tying ties, misreading and misunderstanding the relevance of numbers, to write neatly, and to recall facts once learnt (even from two minutes ago). In the playground the clever kids mix within their own circles, excluding all the others as misfits.They are driven by their school failure and humiliation to do well in life.Even returning to school for their own children is hard for them, they can have symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when seeing small chairs, smelling sickly floor cleaner, or seeing drawings pinned up on walls, as theirs were not deemed good enough for presentation.

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Some are based on spelling (“idk” for “I don’t know”) and others on how letters and numbers sound (“l8r” for “later”).5 Social Challenge Your Child Remembers Things Inaccurately The dyslexia link: Dyslexia can make it hard to recall specfic words or details.

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