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The tone of the V1 Triangle Big Muff has been described as the best sounding of all the Big Muffs, but in fact, here is no single Triangle Big Muff sound. The reason many people say the "Triangle is the best" is probably due to a few early circuit traces of a couple of uncommon circuit variants that circulated for several years.Most clones were based on those, so that is what people who never played an original thought a Triangle was supposed to sound like.Note that this does not mean a pedal with a 1976 pot was actually made in 1976, it just means it was not made any earlier than 1976.The pedal could have been made months or years or more after the pots were made.EHX often used CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) brand cans, or “pots”.The first three numbers are a code identifying the manufacturer : CTS.

Then you blend both with an overdrive and you find one sounds very different than the other.Produced in both two-knob and three-knob configuration. Years of Production: 1975 - 1981 1976 Electro Harmonix Big Muff (transistor and op-amp) Electric Mistress (a stereo flanger) Deluxe Electric Mistress Memory Man Deluxe Memory Man 1977 Big Muff Version 3. Crying Tone Pedal ('77 Chassis) Mike Matthews Dirt Road Special, EH-7050/1313 (AMP) 1978 Big Muff Version 5.EH-3003, the "Face Model" in new red/black graphics w/ ON/OFF switch. (1978 to 1980) EH-1322/EH-3003, op-amp version w/ TONE BYPASS switch instead of "OFF ON".1967/68 The company was founded by Mike Matthews in NYC.The Axis fuzz pedal (Guild Guitar Company) Foxey Lady Pedal (Guild Guitar Company) 1969 LPB-1 Linear Power Booster.

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Considering that there were at least 18 different circuit variants used, there is probably more sound variance in the V1 than any other version due to this.

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