Dating rivera amplifiers

Dating rivera amplifiers

My feeling is that in theory a good amp tech can diagnose any tonal issues and we can adjust what I can not. Still playing it now and it gets nice, clean, warm jazz tones.

Otherwise it is a matter of "taste" and what you want at that time in your life. Sometimes, lousy tubes contribute to noise - very often. If I were to sell mine today, I would want to see a lot more than 5. The other guys have covered it pretty well already in this thread. Wildcat, best thing is to just try it out with your own guitar.

Although I can't imagine any situation where you'd want more treble.

There is also a presence control which gives a nice bit of air and works on both channels. You may have to get it serviced and set up like I did However, one caveat...a previous poster commented they are pretty heavy, not as heavy as a Twin..I'm 66 not out and can still deal with a small hand truck for longer schleps.

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I just came across an amp on line, a Fender Concert Series II Amplifier, 1 x 12 speaker. What caught my eye was the reference to it as 3/4 of a Twin Reverb, with more. After hearing two good examples of black face Fenders recently, one a Twin and the other, an exceptional Super Reverb, I felt the need for those types of black face sounds again.

The reverb is via a tube driven, Accutronics long tank (another benefit of a bigger cab).

Layout of rear, AC outlet, ground switch, main speaker jack (8 ohm), external speaker jack, line recording out, return level, effects return jack, effects send jack, send level, reverb tank out, reverb tank in, jack for channel foot pedal, jack for reverb foot pedal, hum balance pot.

Channel 2 is extremely versatile and can be used as a clean boost, or as a drive channel. Great variance available in drive mode...3 vol's....vol, gain and master. Eminence, stock, with the Fender label and they are great.

I'd put up some clips but do not have the gear to make that possible. Loved that thing...master vol in those days .....19 mumble mumble...ha ...4 of the 10's were in the bottom half of the cab with the the other 4 in the top half slanting up at about head height.....could open that baby up and just scream......

You can also do over the top drive..admit that I don't take it that thing. Reminds me of a cartoon someone printed in one of our local papers...shows a bunch of young guys with ink,metal and lotsa hair...guy holding a guitar plugged into a very large amp goes...."Chords!? No dude, I play distortion" I'd like to hear a 2X10 config.... I played a just reissued Gold top Les Paul Standard with P90's straight into the Marshall....a sound! But it'd be a beast to cart around at this advanced stage of the innings.

The clean channel is surprisingly strong and holds clean way up until the bitter end. I think you can find some old threads on the subject https://

You have to get past 6, on the audio taper pot to begin to make it clip. Some say it sounds like a Boogie but it sounds nothing like the MKI, MKII or MKIII amps I have had. If I had one I would probably mod the lead channel to a clean baxandall (like a "jazz amp") and add a dwell control for the reverb. q=site%...mos/ concert I had one of these until recently, and played many gigs with it.

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Ideally, I wanted that sound in a smaller, lighter package that, had channel switching, master volume and some other modern features, like an effects loop. It has two foot switchable channels (with separate EQ.) and foot switchable reverb.

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