Did tom welling dating erica durance who is ashanti dating 2016

As of 2011, the Wellings are still happily married. Yes Allison Mack is the leading lady of Smallville since season 8.She is equal to Tom Welling in regards to episode counts which is 22 per season.She is also 2nd in the opening credits which was hold by Kristin Kreuk for 6 seasons (though she was dropped to 3rd in Season 7 and replaced by Michael Rosenbaum). lol :) now that's not nice she's doesn't look like crap, she's normal looking, nothing special.as much as i want them to end up together they dont but they really wanted to lana got her powers and she absorbed green kryptonite and when she goes near clark he goes on the floor he ends up with lois lane. *************************************************** Jamie Welling does not look like crap, nor is she merely normal looking. I think Tom Welling will play the role of superman on tv series spin off that we be great about I watch smallville 10 year run was amazing to see no superman suit rule that made me upset Tom Welling should play superman in the suit I love bit in smallville on season 10 final epiosde pushed the planet in orbit with superman suit i was amazed I love it he should do new superman…Talking about her husband David Palffy, he is a Canadian actor and director of West Hungarian descent.According to sources, Palffy and Durance make a great couple together and are together most of the times.

These two have recently been photographed in September 2010 walking in downtown Vancouver, Canada, with their dog. In fact, Tom had been dating his current wife Jamie for several years by the time he was hired for Smallville and may have already been engaged when the show began production. When Tom married Jamie in July 2002, he invited the Smallville cast, which included Kristin Kreuk, to the wedding.

In Smallville, actor Tom Welling is the one that portrays the character of Clark Kent also known as Kal-El, Allison Mack is the actress that plays the role of Chloe Sullivan and Kristin Kreuk is the actress that portrays the role of Lana Lang. The actor that plays as the lead is Tom Welling however additional actors that starred in Smallville would include Michael Rosenbaum who starred on the show for seven seasons, Sam Jones III who played three seasons, John Schneider who played Jonathan Kent for five seasons, Eric Johnson who starred in the first season only, John Glover who appeared in seven seasons but only starred in six of them, Jensen Ackles who starred in only Season…

tom welling plays Clark Kent, Allison Mack plays Chloe Sullivan, Erica Durance plays Lois lane , Kristin Kreuk plays Lana Lang, Micheal Rosenbaum plays Lex Luthor, Callum Blue plays Major Zodd, and Justin Hartley plays Oliver Queen No she is not. she looks like crap, and she has a really big forehead.

Durance was also ranked as Canada's 50 Most Beautiful People by Canadian Edition Of Hello!

Magazine's special issue in 2012 according to Wikipedia.

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Entering their 10th and final season this year, the 200th episode marks a major milestone for the show.

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