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This is the medium I use to clear my thoughts and conceptualize. Conversations that would help make sense of things, however, are very much welcome. But of course that doesn't mean I can already bum around and just wait for graduation. (I swear this is gonna be the last thesis I will have in my life: non-thesis programs from now on! 1) Provide a backdrop of student dropout rate among DLSU scholars as a background of the study. 2) State the researcher's proposition why these variables were chosen specifically for this study - relate back to the Bean Model and Bempechat (1999) and relate to this persistence. 3) Explain how in previous studies the variable of parent's educational socialization has been identified status: DONE! 2) State more direct conclusions for the study status: DONE!There are still lots of work that needs to be done. 4) Clarify how the items were 'adapted' and used for item development - specify if items are added/deleted - discuss specifically how items were revised. (need to add the original scales in appendix) 5) Present Rasch analysis on a per scale basis (all items pertain only to one variable) - results may be appended. (review APA format for tables) 6) Report reliability values for each of the scales used - APA. 7) Report participants' profile (demographics - gender/age/year level). 2) Rationalize why there is an attempt to explain why there is a strongest vs weakest predictors - does not demand to run a separate regression for a single variable (i.e. 3) Discuss the implication of the study in terms of understanding the role/influences of student persistence in learning and the school environment status: DONE!Because experimentation has been extensively utilized in cognitive and social psychology, emphases will be placed on classical and recent experiments in these fields.The contribution of these experiments to the development of cognitive and social theories will be discussed.Lectures and exercises will provide foundations for a better understanding of developmental needs and tasks at each stage in life, the differential effects of psychological and environmental factors in development, and psychological needs in coping with life transitions.Experimental Psychology- lecture (EXPSYCH) 3 units Prerequisite : Psychological Statistics 2 Prerequisite to : Sensation and Perception, Psychological Measurement 2 This lecture course designed to introduce the students to the experimental approach to research in psychology.Lectures and exercises will include the anatomy and physiology of the different mechanisms of human sensation, the principles and processes involved in human perception such as integrating and recognizing complex patterns of sensations, and the behavioral manifestations of disturbances in these mechanisms and processes.

Students will be familiarized with different strategies in clinical assessment, namely: assessment interview; cognitive assessment; personality assessment; perceptual, sensory, and sensorimotor assessment; behavioral assessment which includes naturalistic observation, self-monitoring and controlled/systematic observation; and clinical judgment which includes quantitative and subjective approaches.

Developmental Psychology (DEVPSYC) 3 units Prerequisite : Introduction to Psychology The course involves a critical study of the concepts and theories of development; and the analysis of emotional, mental, physical and social development from birth to old age.

The course will utilize the lifespan approach giving equal emphasis to early and adolescent development, and adult and aging development.

Psychology of Language and Learning (LEARPSY) 3 units Prerequisite : Introduction to Psychology This course aims to provide the student with a basic understanding of theories and principles in language, learning and memory, and the mechanisms that make these possible.

The students will be exposed to classical animal and human studies and the different research methodologies utilized to formulate and validate concepts and theories in language, learning and memory.

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