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Andem wanted the show to be a combination of social realism, soap opera, and sitcom, transitioning between the genres as the scenes switch, for example from the comical scenes of a doctor's office to the make-out scenes on the stairs.She admitted it didn't always work, saying that one particular scene change in episode 5 of season 1 from the stairs to the doctor's office was "a dramatic jump", and elaborated that "in a later scene, I told the photographer that we maybe should try to go a little closer.The school was the first higher school in Norway which admitted women.

They are marked by a tall height, slim body, blonde hair and blue eyes.This could be the character Magnus or Sjøholt was playing a different student.Sjøholt also makes an uncredited appearance in the last episode of season two.The show repeatedly made international headlines for its popularity surge across the world, and the show's actors became famous worldwide.However, the international popularity was not expected, with the music industry requiring geoblocking of NRK's website due to music license contracts only supporting the Norwegian public.

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The success of the series has spawned an American version led by Skam showrunner Julie Andem, as well as multiple European remakes, four books containing original scripts, and blooper reels.

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