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Thirty-eight percent reported that overweight or plus-size men were superior lovers.

It’s not totally clear why extra cushion improves the pushing, but research suggests stamina might have something to do with it.

Although modern women are more likely to be attracted to money than food, old habits die hard.

It’s possible, Eknoyan writes, that Husky men are better in bed (and not just because they occasionally bring snacks), according to a survey of 2,544 British women.

Akers received 9,417 between 20 to study how an adolescent’s weight affects their sexual behavior.

But when it came down to me waking up at 5am to go cycle 100 miles he would get upset I wasn't sleeping in.

The study will use national and population-based data to find "nuances" for understanding how social skills affect dating behaviors.

"Obese girls consistently report having fewer dating and sexual experiences, but more sexual risk behaviors (i.e., condom nonuse) once they are sexually active." "The conceptual framework that has guided this research presumes that differences in the social skills for relating to peers and intimate partners along with differences in the relationship experiences of obese and non-obese girls account for these differences," it said."Girls who saw themselves as overweight, however, were about 20 percent less likely to say they were sexually active," according to Reuters Health."At the same time, though, when these girls were sexually active, they were more likely than their peers to have started having sex before age 13." Her latest project, entitled, "Role of Romantic Relationships in the Sexual Behavior of Obese and Non-Obese Girls," is a follow up to a preliminary study Akers conducted for the NIH.Shit, I'm actually in shape and fuck that noise.Rock climbing is dope af but I ain't waking up while it's still dark to do it. But what you're saying is something a lot of people need to hear.

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Then when it came to sex, and my need for a 2 hr romp sessions, that was not even an option.

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