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In real life, pioneers of human-android romance now have a name, “digisexuals,” which some academics and futurists have suggested constitutes an emergent sexual identity.

Whether the notion is absurd, inevitable or offensive, it raises more than a few questions.

When Akihiko Kondo, a 35-year-old school administrator in Tokyo, strolled down the aisle in a white tuxedo in November, his mother was not among the 40 well-wishers in attendance.

For her, he said, “it was not something to celebrate.”You might see why.

Efforts to import the idea to the United States have met with resistance.

Houston enacted a ban in October after a Canadian sex robot maker tried to open an experiential showroom called Adult Love Dolls Brothel.

(It caused a stir at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show when its innovation award was revoked, prompting charges of sexism.) For men, an Indiegogo-funded company sells an A.

I.-enabled machine that says it is programmed from 8,000 hours worth of pornography clips.

Mc Arthur said.“Each time we have new technologies, there’s a wave of alarmism that follows,” he said.

Now you may describe yourself as polyamorous or demisexual — that last one is people who only feel sexual attraction in close emotional relationships.

Perhaps you best identify as aromantic (that’s people who don’t feel romance) or skoliosexual (that’s a primary attraction to people of no, or multiple, or complex genders).

The bride, a songstress with aquamarine twin tails named Hatsune Miku, is not only a world-famous recording artist who fills up arenas throughout Japan: She is also a hologram. Kondo insists the wedding was not a stunt, but a triumph of true love after years of feeling ostracized by real-life women for being an anime otaku, or geek.

He considers himself a sexual minority facing discrimination.

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I.-equipped sex robots, sometimes obviating the need for a human partner altogether. Twist, who also runs a clinical practice in family and sex therapy, said she has had several patients in their 20s and 30s who qualify as second-wave digisexuals.

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