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Just promise you won’t laugh at my American accent ;)” There will be enough of a language barrier with most women right off the bat, so the cheesier, and more obvious the references to the good ‘ol US of A, the better.

On American dating sites, beginning your introduction with a physical compliment won’t earn you points from the more attractive women.

It’s almost as if a video chat serves as the 1st date.

You get the awkward ‘first meet’ out of the way virtually, so by the time you meet up in person, there’s already a level of comfort between you, because you know what each other looks like, how you communicate together, and what to expect.

Using big dollar words, references to American TV, music or movies, and most Western style humor will be lost on this audience.

One approach we like to employ at Personal Dating Assistants, is to write like a curious child in our overseas correspondence. You’re already perceived as a wealthy, intelligent master of the universe to many of these women as a western man. American girls by-and-large communicate via regular txt messaging.

We yank you off those scammy mail order bride services, and make real Russian women excited to date you.

But if you follow these 8 tips, you’ll be 1 step ahead of your competition. Matthew Valentines is an online dating concierge, and executive director at Personal Dating Assistants.

Finding them is easy with our totally FREE International dating service.But if you invest proper time on these sites, you will learn to spot the difference between professional photos, and professional money extractors. Let some other chump provide lifestyle pictures for that ex Russian brides future internet dating profile. As such, be sure to plaster it all over your dating profile.Hint: Is she posing in front of a car, boat, or airplane? Put it in your username, the first sentence of your “about me”, and the first line of your opening message.But it’s nice to know that outside the Western world, attractive women can still appreciate being told they’re pretty, without taking it for granted. This isn’t the Anglosphere where you have to be funny, charming and witty just to get a response.All you need to do, is be from a wealthy Western country, have some decent looking dating pictures, and put in a real effort.

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An attraction technologist at heart, he travels the world in search of beautiful women, new ways to help men with their online dating, and the perfect single malt whiskey.

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