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James Preece, also known as The Dating Guru, believes anyone can become instantly more attractive by following 10 incredibly easy tips. Confidence inspires trust, makes you look more approachable and makes you more likeable - so no slouching. Wear lipstick Red lipstick instantly makes women more attractive. Smile It instantly lights up the face and makes you appear happy and successful.Nobody likes negative people so if you look positive others will be drawn to you. Touch often If you talking to someone you like, try and touch them on the arm and shoulders. ' Treat everyone you meet like a long lost friend."Valentine’s Day is a brilliant time if you are single," James told The Sun Online."You can use the time to do something special and to appreciate the most important person in your life – You!You could try mirroring their body language too, but don't go overboard. Smell nice According to recent studies, the scent of liquorice is the most likely to get a woman turned on.For women, wear a vanilla-scented perfume as it's a natural aphrodisiac for men. Flirt with everyone Take a leaf out of Bridget Jones' book and flirt with everyone.

"You never know who might be there and if nothing else, you’ll have a fun night out." He added: "Also, it’s a great time to go online and contact other singles.This shows them that you like them and breaks down the distance barrier. Smoothing your hair down or putting your fingers on your lips are classic flirting gestures. That gets rid of initial nerves for you both and you'll seem warm and friendly immediately. Imitate If you want someone to like you , you must first try to match their vocal tone and mood.If you start with that, they will subliminally feel more comfortable with you.“It’s very similar to ghosting, only you have no doubts they have got your message.You’ll be confused and wonder why they aren’t responding.

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You’ve already got “ghosting,” “orbiting” and “breadcrumbing” on the long list of online dating slang terms that describe the terrible ways people treat each other in the digital age.

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