Latoya simmons from dating game michael maynor dating

Latoya simmons from dating game

Road rage stories, best sports fights, are all 3 of Nikki Glaser's Bonfire intros about Soder?

, Jay tells about drunk Christine saying something about "the 2 guys that raw dogged me" which ultimately leads to the Bonfire court, drunk Joe Namath.

The boys sing along to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

Dan is brought to the brink of beating off like circus chimp when Jay finds a fake nude pic of Dolly. Deb from the golf channel pops in to say hello - claims Ben is a fan of the show. Jay's gripe with Delta Airlines, the guys turn Al Pacino's Any Given Sunday speech into a tirade against Delta Airlines, campers call in with their gripes against Delta, the guys watch and decimate Virgin Air's safety video, MC Search's talk show.

Chris Hardwick rivalry, crazy chick from Rock of Love who stabbed someone on Ship Mates, guy who got stabbed on Cheaters, sports stars who've recorded rap songs, Vinnie from Jersey Shore on Live at Gotham Jay is in LA and Dan is in NYC.

Jay is still mad at Christine for, when very drunk, "composing a song about another guys dick" in front of Jay, said guy, and a room full of fans.

Campers call in with stories of anal, Portuguese Rick in Toronto being shown a video by a girl of her masturbating in her younger days, and Joe in TX offering 0,000 to his hot 18 y.o. How to treat staff in a comedy club, Jay's stories of trips to Kansas City, the Oscars and the guys love of Leo Di Caprio, drunk Mr. documentary ("I'm a happy camper" drop), first Marilyn Manson talking to his kid drops, rock videos that cut from band in a warehouse to a huge stadium show. " Soder laments over his rich ex, DJ Lou is back with his ex, Jacob shows the team a video of a comic proposing to his gf on stage and getting a 'no', they talk about the Unhung Hero 'cockumentary' in which a man proposed to his gf on a jumbotron and she said no because his penis is too small, Dan discovers a comedian friend of his featured in said documentary, the team discusses their experiences with hookers, a female camper (Stephanie) calls in to say in her experience, white men have bigger dicks than black men, Subway's Jared assaulted in prison, Bonnie Mc Farlane in studio, Waddle like a Duck drives Dan crazy.

Latina side piece to have an abortion when she and his wife got pregnant at the same time. Miyagi, close it out watching a video of a couple fighting, the female falls out of the car. Condensed Karate Kid video, Jay's night performing in Philly when his high school crush Janessa came out and Jay was introduced like a boxer, Olivia Wilde was nude on Vinyl, Jay explains mirkins to Dan, the guys decide to buy ghillie suits, Bobby Hutchinson from Lo S in studio with story of accidentally sending dick pics, Truckers Justin & Sarah sent audio of themselves fucking with TV/a movie in the background so the team can play "what's on in the background while they fuck? Ron Bennington in studio, beef with EW radio and Opie, female celebs who've butchered themselves with surgery, movies that traumatised them as kids, Mike Finoia joins after the second break to tell the guys about his weekend from Hell.

The guys discuss a murder that occurred at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, stories of violence the guys and campers have witnessed, hack comedians, camper Josh who has been to Aghanistan as part of the US army calls in, camper @Ginga Ninja (Ryan) calls in with a story of a friend who committed a murder-suicide, amazing bonfire-themed spoof version of Mo' Money, Mo' Problems made by camper Denny Fatbeard, camper Allan from Texas calls in with story of seeing a guy empty an entire clip into a car the previous night, camper Dee calls in to ask why Dan rejected her when she hit on him at a recent show, camper Stephanie calls in with a story about a race war at her high school, camper Chris in CA calls in with a story of some bad Thai food that caused bubble guts.The guys caught Jacob's cold, stories of finger in their butts for medical reasons, washed up rockers, W. Intervention couples, Alison from Intervention who used computer duster compilation video, Jay's high school crush Janessa calls in ("I own a dance studio, Jay", "Samantha Mantovani" drops), Trophy Kids documentary, camper Sara in IN calls in about her dad getting kicked out of her softball games, camper Dutch in MO calls in with story of his dad kicking his opponent's dad's ass at his childhood wrestling match.They close out the show with Margaret Cho freaking out on an audience in Jersey.DJ Lou is out seeing Pearl Jam at Madison Square Gardens, was Rob Thomas high during his speech about Chicago's induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, replacement singers in classic rock bands, Rich Vos in studio, everyone tries snorting snuff, Tom Rhodes in studio, Tom tells about stopping drinking, and they watch a video of a kid "learning to defend himself" from his dad after messing up in school.Camper Tyler calls in to tell Dan that during his drinking days, Dan banged a girl and almost got punched out by her huge boyfriend who referred to Dan as a "donkey-headed gringo", Dave Smith and Luis J Gomez join the second half of the show, Jay describes entering the rabbit hole of picture roast on Worldstar, best fast food burger, are white people the best rappers, Puerto Rican rappers, videos of guys jerking in public who want to be caught.

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Mercface left his facebook page open so Dan turned all his notifications to high, Jay tells about not being able to get on a roller coaster at Mall of America for being too big, Jacob competes with Ben from Golfer's Edge on PGA radio in a push-up competition, camper Ryan in Miami calls in to alert the guys to a Jenna Von Oy butt video he emailed them, jay tells of being thrown from a mechanical bull, they watch videos of fat chicks being thrown from mechanical bulls, video confession from a girl who can't stop sucking dick.

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