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A complete cast lead-alloy seal matrix dating to the Medieval period, c. The matrix is circular in plan, with a rounded suspension lug at one edge of its upper face and a dimple at its midpoint. It was a flattened disc-shape originally, but now just over half now survives. There is no decoration or evidence of means of attachment on the reverse face.

The underside of the die has been well cut with the central design of a fleur de lis within an inner border, surrounded by the inscription: S'ELIEONER CATORIS. The outer face is decorated with a crude six-pointed star in the centre surrounded by crude lettering that appears to read '[...]VCANON[...].

The seal die is ornately engraved with the central design of what appears to be a bird, behind which is a fleur de lys motif. Two narrow grooves highlight a hexagonal collar right at the the base of the loop.The reverse face has raised transverse line across it and a pellet in the centre. A bronze oval flat seal matrix 23mm in length and 17mm in width.It has a low central rib on the reverse terminating in a suspension loop on one edge.The outer face has an engraved five-pointed star in the centre formed from long, narrow… The object has a circular base with a haxagonally faceted handle terminating in a flattened lozenge-shaped suspension loop with a collar at its lower end.The outer face of the circular base is inscribed with the legend '*IE SV DERESE:' around the outer edge and in the centre the device of a bird or beast with long tail and human head wearing a hood or hat.

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It measures 19.55mm in height, 18.91mm in diameter and 6.05g in weight. It survives in very fine condition with a shiny green patina. There is a raised transverse ridge across the centre of the outer face, which has a small circular attachment loop at one end.

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