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Oh, OK, I was raised in the ‘burbs, right next to Northwestern University in a town called Wilmette. Brief geo-locational history: I attended Georgetown University in DC, then moved to New York for six years before having an -esque meltdown in August of 2010, putting all my stuff in storage, and heading back to “figure out my sh--” in Chicago. I don’t really get into the breakup on the show, but I did write about it here. Or maybe that’s just what we all do as we go through life. Sweet and smart and always so cheerful, she’s an incredibly talented singer/songwriter (check out her site here: Julia Price Music.com).

And now, a year later, he is engaged to someone else. Maybe someday I’ll write about it from the perspective I have now, but let’s put it this way: it was one more heartbreak to add to the very large pile of rubble that surrounds my heart. I seem -- seemed (past tense, I hope) -- to collect heartbreaks. JP is short for Julia Price (yes, yes, we’re both Julias. JP is both my best friend and my little sister (she’s 26).

contains some frank discussions about sexual acts, salty vocab, and lots of discussions about "finding a man." Social drinking is a frequent activity.

Apple computers are prominently visible, as are publications written by the experts featured here.

about moving to NYC and taking on the persona of Carrie Bradshaw from the HBO series Sex and the City.

Truthfully, I always feel a little silly calling myself an expert without first defining what I think “expert” means. They also threatened to charge me for storing my stuff in their basement. I’ll give you a cheat sheet so you don’t have to puzzle over it yourself, although this topic will come up again in later episodes, so we can get into it more then. Well, as with anything, there is always a grain of truth. As I said in this episode, there are some days I would love to just push a giant delete button on everything I’ve ever written or posted on the internet so I could slink away into anonymity. Right up until she died, she and I would talk weekly, long rambling conversations about life and love and most of all, boys. My grandmother always used to say to me, when I was frantically worrying about some idiot guy or what I was going to do with my career or where I would live or whether my life would EVER work out, "Julia, darling, you must simply let it unfold."It wasn't her only wise aphorism, but it was the one that struck most deeply. The truth is that being attracted to your partner MATTERS. You can also visit my website at xo to read my old dating columns and other nonsense I’ve written throughout the years. COMMENTSI’m a little nervous about the comments below, but I promise to read them all -- and even Tweet out the best ones -- if you promise not to say I’m fat.

" / contains some frank discussions about sexual acts, salty vocab, and lots of discussions about "finding a man." Social drinking is a frequent activity.

When it comes to figuring out the ways of love, it's often easier to advise others on what's to do than to know what is best for yourself.

My editor’s offices were in the Tribune building, just blocks from my parents’ condo, where I was squatting. My columnist gig paid practically nothing, so my parents were doing me a favor -- sort of -- letting me stay in their second home. But may I remind you, no one except maybe Heidi Klum or those hosts on HGTV look good while moving. This scene was especially difficult for me to watch, because several weeks ago my grandmother passed away. ” And she’d smile with her heart and give me advice -- good advice, real advice. I don’t know what I would have done without her this past year. But when he proceeded to contact me (and JP) constantly for the next three weeks, it was too much.

Shortly thereafter, I began writing an internationally syndicated social media column called “Social Studies” for Tribune Media Services. Next, I drive to Wilmette, the suburb in which I grew up, to say goodbye to my parents and my beloved grandmother. And now, here comes the elephant (Republican joke, anyone? As she and I were both coming off of breakups when we moved to LA together, we became each other’s protector and confidante.

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First off, I get a big kick out of the way they’ve chosen to launch each episode, with the producer asking us a question we, as “dating experts,” answer frequently. Of course, my parents, being my parents, still made me pay a nominal amount to stay there. [Slams head into wall.]Basically I had super low self-esteem and I tried to get people to think I was awesome and perfect (and look at all the fancy stuff I did and the fancy men I dated, blah blah), so I posted wayyy too many photos of myself, broke a lot of rules, and rubbed a ton of interneters the wrong way, resulting in them concluding that I was a rude, selfish, narcissistic, clueless self-promoter who is/was what was “wrong with journalism/our generation/women/the planet in general.” Yeah. ” But I’m sure that will seem young in a few years, so they’ll probably up it to 83 soon enough. She took me to operas and ballets and book fairs and imbued me with a deep love of learning. (I wrote a column about our conversations on the topic.) Advice from a woman who knew love and loss and unselfish, unwavering commitment. In the past, I’ve just forged ahead with those relationships, only to be deeply disappointed a few months in when I felt unsatisfied sexually. Lilly might even tweet (@Lillydog), if she can remember her password. Check out my inaugural dating column, Guinea Pig of Love, which you will hear more about on the next episode, and which I will be writing in conjunction with the series.

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