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Yes, it was selfish of me but what I was up against, lest I voiced out was complete authority and an established system that perhaps became my alma mater’s tradition.

As soon as the announcement of the class allocation was made, I saw my excelled and promising schoolmates from Tamil primary school’s faces fall. I mean, they have worked their asses off to be the best of the best and there they stand, unable to join the cream of the crop even though they are more than qualified for it.

It was only the day she returned my tee that she said she wore it on an outing with the now, ‘the love of her life’. The very thought was revolting but I didn’t say anything to her.

Then, she showed me the hickeys he gave her on her neck and chest and told me that it led them to sex. Once home, I washed and scrubbed my tee with Dynamo detergent and rinsed it to my heart’s content.

When I started Form 1, I befriended sparkly eyed, spirited girls from Chinese and Tamil primary vernacular schools besides girls from other national primary schools like myself.😛 I have been to Sanjana’s house; she lived in a joint family system.Her Mom and Dad were factory workers and she had an adorable little brother.for moral support of some sort although I was totally against her idea.I was too altruistic and friends are not supposed to oppose whatever shit his or her friend is getting into.

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I have witnessed tussles between several students from the boys school bashing up students from another all boys missionary school situated further down in the vicinity because they dared to chat up some Meenatchi from my school. But, I was too averse and timid to accept any Macha and found the trend newfangled of which didn’t hit the right chord with me.

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