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The one goal of all the girls is to make sure you enjoy your visit to the website and that you leave happy.But those will think otherwise who consider that there arc thousands of the natives of the Island that can at present receive no useful knowledge whatever, except through the medium of the Manks language; they will judge from experience, as well as from the nature of the case, that no work of this description will hinder the progress of the English, but in fact have the contrary effect. And I think the yn to siuach- Tixv.v redundant, as in Daniel ix. ; as, dtv chreb's (thy heart, emphatically) : dty obbyr's (thy work, emphatically), &c. The substantives being all masculine or fe- minine, is another ; there being no such anomaly in Manks as a neuter gender ; we have however a fewnouns, pronouns, and pronominals common to both genders. Saueyder Gho Ueyder Chearee Joanin Saueyderyn Gholleyderyn Ghearey Joanins Sauin Ghollin Gheareyder Joanit Sauins Gho Uins Gheareyderyu Joanym Sauit Gho Uit Ghearin Joanyras Sauym Ghollym Ghearins Joanys Sauyms Gho Uyms Ghearit Yoan Sauys Gho Uys Ghearyra Yoanagh Haue Ghearyras Yoanee Hauagh Ghearys Yoaney Hauail Yoaneyder Hauailtagh Of CH and F, ag reeablij to Remarks 44 and 48. Having but few verbs, its bre^lty may be com- plained of by some, but this deficiency is amp- ly supplied in the same manner as when a like want occurs in the English. It is obvious, that when tribes of men are intermixed who speak different lan- guages, a great part of the knowledge which man should afford his neighbour must be diminished. But when the second letter after the B is «', 00, or It, such words change to w or w as an initial; as, booiagh (willing or pleased); feer wooi AGH (very wil Ung or pleased, &c.) ; and BWOAILLEE (a fold) ; E WOAILLEE (his fold) ; Bt'i GHEY (jaundice) ; yn wuighey or vuighey (the jaundice or yellows) . Words beginning with C have three initials, viz.: c, ch, andg-; as, carrey (a friend) ; e char- REY (his friend) ; nyn garrey (your, &c. Words beginning with CH have also three initials, viz.: ch,h, andy,- as, chencey (a tongue); E hengey (his tongue); nyn jengby (your, &c. In the English, the reader is left at sea %vithout a compass, if he has not learned where to lay the emphasis, as few of the words differ in their form in that language for being emphatic ; when unempliatical, fhij is to be sounded the, and 7/1? Some will have it that every word in the language is either masculine or feminine. The verbs running into auxiliary termi- nations and pronominals ; as, aoh, ail, al, eil, EY, IN, INS, IT, VN, VMS, and ys, as are shown by the remarks of reference throughout the work, is another principle. The adjectives and participles throughout the language requiring to be brought under the letter s', to show the degrees of comparison, as set forth in the 5Sth Remark, are exemplified in the work under that letter, is another. The greatest difficulty to attain, by a per- son that did not learn it when young, is the changing of the initials of mutable consonants, and of vowel letters, or the pronunciation of se- condary mutes or aspirations. When a substantive or adjective has no verb belonging to itself, ano- ther verb is placed before the noun or adjective ; PS, DY VE (to be) ; DY GHOAIt L (t O take) ; DY GEDDYN (to get) ; DY CHUR (t O gi VB, p Ut, Send), lo, mr Ve, or perfoim), &c. INTRODUCTION TO THE REMARKS, TO WHICH ARE ANNEXED FIGURES OF REFERENCE. Of the consonants, fifteen are'm'utabie-A, c, ch, d,f, g, j, k, m, p, q, s, sh, si, t. , n, r, which always retain their sound ; and alter not, except when preceded by s in the beginning of a word to show the degrees of comparison. V is not properly a radical initial conso- nant ; but only a secondary mute. Though I have set down this letter as a vowel, I know of no syllable or word vrithout another vowel attached to it, with consonants, to make a word or syllable. Its sound is as 00 (in English) in boot, soof, root; as, wardoov. Its first or prim Eiry sound would be as i (in English) in bbid, hile, &c. But Y has another soimd as u, and is as t in English) in bird, third, — answering to the sound in spyrryd, y.mmyrchagh, ynrican, &c. And in colloquial, changes to /»; as, G In verb giall (promise), changes to gh Or . I do not, however, allude to the Clergy, who, to their credit, always say ooaill padjer ; ec PAHJER ; jannoo PADJER, &c. Gh and ph begin no radical, or at least ought to begin none, as the language now stands; although there are word that are so written •. This is a hard consonant, naturally commuted with rf ; eis, dy gerrid, for dy gbrrit. When T is an initial before a vowel, it re- quires to be sounded as if written th. U is one of the three broad vowels with « and o, and sounded as u (in English) in cumber ; as, ci'. However, we have some few words which begin with 11 as a radical ; as, vaidjyn, veih, &c. ; and When there is no necessity, we should not borrow ft-om the English, but endeavour to keep the language as pure as possible.

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these are shown where they occur in the work, and will be seen only to be aspirations, gh of g and of d, and jyh of p. A is reckoned a broad vowel, and in some words sounded as o, as in claoh (a stone), clogh ; and as u, as in goan (scarce), goun. Q, which is always followed by it, has the sound of kie. il is a light consonant, and pronounced as )• in English ; but some times when an initial, it requires to be sounded as if written r/i ; as, red (a thing), RUED. S, although called the queen of conso- nants, is subject to many changes, as shown in Remarks 55, 56, 57, 58, 111, 112, 161, &c.

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