Physical geology grand canyon relative dating cross section

Physical geology grand canyon relative dating cross section

trace two of the contacts between layers of the red sandstone as well as you an.

Based on the overlap of range zones for these index fossils what is the relative age of the rock (expressed as the early.

from making and depositing (laying down) the first layer to (R 6 .- making and depositing the last layer. 7% HM rack emf/mi 4904 o ,1" JW/h a} 7A» 10779;” p-F 14 fiefm is The. /'7 1153/ 7'7 [3 744mm Ark/e ‘7/2r 57"th /fly/’/F Clay/Vic sfacket/ In hr 9'; if.

On the left edge of the cake, number the layers to show the sequence of steps in ,9 I, 2 which they were deposited to make the layer cake from I (firsr step) to n (the number of the last step). draw lines on the layer cake to mark all of the contacts between layers.

ZJ$‘0n/ U099 P1; 107, co 71/74: M (/~—.23r hul‘ c/ewyw/ W9 M A Iva/FAR, SP8 39 3, // D 7.4“; 12mm 7/9, ply/20007, = MMCWOW 3. How much displacement has occurred along this fault? List the major animal groups, in order or their appearance on Earth.

draw a line on the photograph to show the exact position ofan unconformiry. Use the time scale and your time line to complete the following. What fraction or percentage of geologic time is represented by Precambrian time? 030 my fan fla MZVWv 96 1600"” flgr of Eta/9’4 2.

The blocky brown-gray rock with wide fractures (cracks) is an ancient lava flow (basalt. This outcrop is a natural geologic cross section of rock layers.

A fill/n S‘Vl/ 217 ACTIVITY 8.1: Geologic Inquiry for Relative Age Dating 8.1A.

Assuming that the red sandstone layers were originally horizontal.

If you assume that the global amount of radiocarbon (formed by cosmic-ray bombardment of atoms in the upper atmosphere and then dissolved in rain and seawater) is constant, then decaying carbon-14 is continuously replaced in organisms while they are alive.

" \ i 1 741% 8.5 lnfer Geologic History from a New Mexico Outcrop Name: Course/Section: Date: A. an outcrop in a surface mine (coal strip mine) in northern New Mexico.

Then place arrows along the right edge of the mke that point to each contact.

Label each arrow (contact) to show its relative age from 1 (the time when the first contact was created: the oldest contact) to “n" (the number corresponding to the last time a contact was created; the youngest contact). The picture below is an outcrop about 5 meters thick near Sedona, Arizona. The brown layer in which grass is rooted is modern soil.

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