Resentment of east asian women dating white men interracial dating dating dating senior senior services services info

Resentment of east asian women dating white men interracial dating

While it’s at least a decent idea in theory, I think it becomes a bit more complex in real life. Let me tell you about three different real-life guys I know and how they’ve reacted to the IR disparity question. I raised the IR issue with him and talked about some of the discussions on this blog.

I told him about the idea some people proposed on big WOWO that Asian women don’t have our backs, and that Asian men turn to White women instead.

He said, “Okay…so these people think that Asian women don’t have our backs.

What…do they think White women would protect our backs any better? On the Jamie Yeo thread, someone asked why Asian women aren’t blogging about Asian male issues more.

Why do so many Asian girls hook up with dorky white guys? You might as well be a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest.

By making Asian women the focal point of the IR debate, you are just giving them more power and leverage.

First, we’d take power away from the Kingstonians and anti-Asian-male media racism.

Second, we wouldn’t feel as dumb for beating our heads against a wall that doesn’t seem to budge. It’s the same reason why you see the Asian Rake chatting with Jamie Yeo in that video even though she’s moved “beyond” his race (although predictably she headed to Europe rather than Africa, the Middle East, or anywhere else where the men ain’t White). Maybe this addiction was inculcated in us when we were young, and maybe the media could help young Asian boys move on, but for most of us who are past puberty, we’re what we are.

Do you feel any kind of change in your thinking or emotion? This post comes off of the Jamie Yeo thread, where in the midst of the IR debate, kobukson criticizes some Asian men by writing: Another mistake: making Asian women the focal point of the IR discussion. Kobukson raises a good point, and urb4n and Ma Sir Jones concur (and I thought it would be cool to see how well a one legged man would fare in a butt kicking contest).

Third, there would be more Asian men dating White women, and as a result, we would probably would get more respect from Asian women. There’s an invisible chain around our necks, and nothing we do–nothing you do–will change that. Asking an Asian man to give up Asian women is like asking a gay man to give up men. I think it’s clear that judging from her interviews and everything else she’s done (Snow Flower with Hugh Jackman? She’s going to produce Orientalist movies and rob our people blind until all Asian men end up in ye poorhouse subservient to anyone who will be our masters. The addiction doesn’t go away until you are married or old or both. I don’t want to get too much into it now, but there’s a mental understanding too. Dan is good looking (“for an Asian guy,” as they like to say), he went to a good school, is very smart, etc. He’s always got a date, and more often than not, he’s dating good looking White women–the East Village artistic type with the piercings, the alternative style, etc.

(Although we’d also be dating or married to Asian women in even lower numbers than we are today.) HOWEVER… Those “some of you” who can already know you can, and no amount of prodding is going to change things because you already do what you do. She used to be all about China and representing China, now it’s all about representing the (White) Man’s interest. Sure, Asian women don’t know what Asian men go through, but it’s not just about them being like men. There are only three main kinds of Asian men who date interracially. He himself is an artist and has dated both Asian and White women, but White women are usually more open to dating him, maybe in part because he’s a freelancer who is off the beaten Wall Street or tech path.

SEE ALSO: As an Asian American, I am invisible in this country After all, throughout the past few decades, American culture has attempted to completely castrate Asian American men and their masculine identities.

The dangerous stereotype and the tired tropes that identify Asian men as undesirable, unsexy, foreign, devoid of sensuality, has become detrimental to that community in the past near-century.

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If there exists an invisible chain, just let the girls pull you and drop you.

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