Server 2016 ntp not updating

Server 2016 ntp not updating

It is a virtual machine and I am using Vmware ESXi Hypervisor (version 6.5).

To See Current Date – Putty ssh to the server and run – date To check the ntp service status run – service ntpd status To set your as NTP server to get up to date time from them run below – ntpdate ntpserverfqdn Example – ntpdate ntp.exchangequery.local Once after we updated we will get the below message ntpdate Step time server offset sec ntpdate adjust time server offset sec To sync hardware clock – hwclock –systohc Reason to run above command: There are 2 types of clocks in Linux Operating systems./system ntp client print enabled: yes primary-ntp: 1.58 secondary-ntp: 1.57 server-dns-names: mode: unicast poll-interval: 1m4s active-server: 1.58 last-update-from: 1.58 last-update-before: 17s260ms last-adjustment: -42ms356us Done more tests. Use find&replace in your favourite text editor to systematically replace all occurrences of each public IP address potentially identifying you by a distinctive pattern such as my.1. Instead of writing novels, post /export hide-sensitive.If no one objects, this question will be closed automatically the way described above.We use the NTP protocol to sync the time of servers,network devices, client PC’s with our local time zone to keep the correct time over the network.

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An NTP server is a server that uses the Network Time Protocol.

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