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There was one procedure related SAE – “hiatal hernia mesh related coronary artery erosion and resulting cardiac tamponade” requiring laparoscopic exploration and repair of the coronary erosion.Patient had a prolonged hospital stay and recovered uneventfully from the complication.LES electrical simulation therapy has shown to improve outcomes in GERD patients.AIM: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of LES stimulation in LSG patients with GERD not controlled with maximum dose PPI therapy.

Most patients were off their PPI therapy with remaining taking PPI at a reduced dose.

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GERD outcomes pre and post-stimulation were evaluated.

RESULTS: 12 patients, 66% (8/12) women at 8 centers have been treated. All (12/12) were on at least daily double-dose PPIs.

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View Full Article BACKGROUND: We have previously reported that LES-EST has improved in outcomes in patients with GERD at 3 year follow-up (Surg Endosc. AIM: The aim of this open-label human pilot trial registry was to study the safety and efficacy of LES-EST in the cohort of GERD patients over longer 5-year follow-up. METHODS: GERD patients at least partially responsive to proton pump inhibitors (PPI) and had off-PPI GERD HRQL50% of days with PPI use).

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