Teenagers emotional maturity in dating christopher williams is dating

Teenagers emotional maturity in dating

Empathy is the ability to walk a day in someone else’s shoes.

What that means is that you can see someone else’s situation and realize that we all have our own challenges and that no one has it easier.

Maturity doesn't happen overnight, and is something we acquire through the experience of self-discovery.

Do I take care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally?

Do I do what I can to see my relationships, tasks and goals through to the end?

Am I willing to continually grow and change with the challenges life brings me?

When you are immature, you don’t think about the consequences of your actions or reactions.

It takes growth and emotional maturity to look at the entire situation to make a rational decision before reacting. In fact, our instincts are all based on avoiding pain and finding pleasure.

Am I able to accept responsibility for my mistakes? Have I made peace with my past so that it no longer controls me? Am I able to distinguish what's important and what's not in my life? It's important we don't let ourselves remain within the stagnant and unhealthy patterns we often learn as children; everyone around us benefits when we act with maturity, as our lives take on a higher quality and a deeper meaning.Recognizing that you aren’t going to die if you are emotionally hurt is a part of growing up and realizing that even if you do get hurt, it is a part of growing.[Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you] #5 Empathy. Although you are not necessarily in the same position when you have empathy for another, you can literally feel the emotions of the people around you.

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These circumstances however, don't always mean that we act like grown-ups, and they don't guarantee an automatic maturity.

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