Unmoderated cam site

Unmoderated cam site

In many f2p games on phone and PC, I have though; "W?

" I have a friend who still plays HS competitively, and he uses around 60-70$ per expansion. People argue that HS is free to play, but if you like to play ranked, you better get som packs.

I guess this is going to come down to the pricing strategy of packs, and drop rate of the best cards - however taking into account the way that valve has monetized content in Dota 2, I fully expect this to be aggressive. We can control that in the sense that common cards in this game are very powerful.

"When it's a one-on-one game, what is my motivation for saying something awful?Worst case is of course; the game costs money AND has an agressive payment model.Best case is: money up front, and get more of the game.While a regular text chat certainly limits the potential for misuse, it's still remarkably naive of Valve to assume that no moderation would be required and, as such, I stand by my original criticisms but have removed my dumb joke about unsolicited solitaire dicks. Anyway, I'm sure you can disable the live chat, and I'm sure you can mute or disable all chat completely (as per Hearthstone) but if you're going to include those things even as an option then you can't simply leave it unmoderated; I'm fed up with developers creating platforms for abuse and then not taking responsibility for the behavior of the players who use them.Valve in particular has a terrible track record when it comes to moderation (readers of my blog will know that their terrible automated moderation system is one of the reasons I stopped playing Dota), and this interview gives the impression that they not only have no interest in addressing it, but don't even consider it an issue worthy of their attention.

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I appreciate it's still early, and there's no sense in writing a game off long before its release, but it's hard to stay optimistic in light of this information.

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