Vox amp dating

Vox amp dating

Apologies for the softness of some of the pictures above - they will be replaced in due course. Power amp chassis 1494, recorded above, is the highest so far.

The cab was set up by JMI for a tilt-back trolley, the upper chrome sections of which still remain. If we assume 300 chassis were assigned to SFBs and perhaps 300 to Supremes, then the highest serial number (on the back panel) will have been 1300 or so.

The speakers have been replaced by later Goodmans units and the horns removed.

Just wondering if anyone know's how I could find out some history of the amp? If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field or ask the community.

It’s like chicken soup/comfort food for the soul of tone.

Holed up on the coast of France during 1969/70 to avoid arrest for tax evasion changes back in the UK, Keith and the boys recorded one of my all time favorite albums.

Whereas, Nick, I think it’s fair to say that you never had to think about it. Caroline: When we started dating, I’m sure he heard my personal narrative of, “I worked my way through school.

When I was applying to colleges, I was only applying to places where I had any shot at scholarships and financial aid. I got my first job at 14.” That’s very much a pride point for me.

When Caroline graduated from grad school, she had ,000 of student debt, and she proudly chipped away at it for years.Nick had none, and a few years into their relationship, he inherited eight figures — that’s multimillions — of family money.One month after their wedding, Nick paid off the remaining ,000 of Caroline’s debt with a single payment.Meet Caroline and Nick, a married couple in their 30s who live in a metropolitan city on the East Coast.Nick works in finance, and Caroline is self-employed.

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I feel like our kid is probably going to have a more luxurious childhood than I had, for sure.

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