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If you weren’t Frank and you didn’t play drums, your name was Anthony and you played piano. I was with my mom during the week, then I would go down to Trenton with my dad.They started me out on drums – I remember being three years old and playing a kit – I went onto piano for a while, then saxophone. I wanted to write songs, so I picked up a guitar.”“My parents split up when I was about three and divorced when I was seven. Actually, my first tour was with my dad who was in a blues band. When I was old enough to have a learners permit, I drove my dad’s car down there and teched for them. If I wasn’t watching my dad play on the weekends, or if he was playing in a club that wasn’t suitable for a child, then I’d go to my grandfather’s. Every Saturday night, he’d be playing Dixieland or Big Band jazz and I’d hang out there until 1.30 or 2am.When you’ve met death and you can see firsthand how fragile we all are and how truly horrific death can be, you know that this is something you’re going to have to experience again.That’s a terrifying thought, to have to live through it again.They woke up, did a few interviews, and loaded into a passenger van heading to a local Twitter office to perform a few acoustic songs before their gig later in the evening.Iero; his brother-in-law and guitarist, Evan Nestor; his drummer, Matt Olsson; his manager, Paul Clegg; and his publicist were unloading at the office building when a public bus collided with them as they stood outside the vehicle.After the accident, they canceled the rest of their tour for the year, and went home to New Jersey to contemplate their next move.

Basically, everybody in my family was a musician and everybody in my family was named Frank.The album ends with “9-6-15,” named for the date of Iero’s grandfather’s death. Some of us fall at an alarming rate, and it’s over in the blink of an eye.“The record is called because I started thinking about life, how we’re put here without asking to be,” he says. Some of us are lucky enough to find people and things that bring us joy along the way that act as a parachute, slowing that ride down, and you’re able to enjoy the fall.” On the day of the accident — October 13, 2016 — Frank Iero and the Patience were in Sydney, Australia, preparing for the last show of a short tour.I had this little briefcase pedal board that I had been carrying around with me.I put that down and I turned around to say to Evan and Paul, ‘I think I’m just going to take the tuner out of here.’ I said, ‘I think’ — that’s all I got out of my mouth.” He compares the moment of impact to a particularly painful childhood sports memory: “Right before high school, a couple of friends [had] this pickup game of football.

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Part of you wishes that it was over.” “The third is much weirder,” he continues.

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