Why dating sucks

Why dating sucks

Okay so maybe it's not entirely awful to meet someone this way, but we become so much more superficial when we judge based only on looks.

Surely its sole purpose is to help others find that special person they will spend the rest of their waking lives with.

Don’t put so much effort into spending time together. That way, they can show you how much they like you first. Opening doors, walking someone to their front door, bringing flowers. Perhaps men think that if they do these things for women, the women won't appreciate it and expect it all the time. Well women, chivalry also means to be kind and courteous, and that's something you can do as well.

They should appreciate it, and should very well have these acts happen to them. If it is expected of a man to be chivalrous, you sure as hell should do sweet things for them as well. It's when you decide to up and just stop talking to a person without telling them why or saying goodbye.

Like, okay, random guy at the mall who decided it was perfectly fine to follow me and get my attention by yelling at me.

It’s guys like this who make it creepy, and in turn, make dating apps more acceptable because a person can just unmatch them immediately.

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