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" Gilbert yell as he roughly opened the door to Canada's room, he had snuck in the house earlier and wanted pancakes made by the second most awesome person in the world, Canada.Suddenly though he stopped and froze in his spot as Gilbird made a few chirping sounds in disbelief.She told him how during the years, she really believed she was a boy for a while as she grew up, until she started to change, she noticed her body was different than the boys in her Alfred and realized she was a really a girl as she grew up, but she had saw the way men discriminated against women so she decided to keep her gender a secret Years went by, Wars came and went, and the world changed, and yet still no one knew Canada was really a woman in boys clothing…Well no one but her boss though, she only really told her bosses her secret when they came into office. " that's when Gilbert said "I don't care how many times I've been told not to, if those of yours would had stopped and took at least a glance at you when you were growing up, they would had named you Mattie, or in Francis's case, Madeline! And if anyone found it, it won't be an awesome secret anymore! "Matthew Williams, also known as Canada glared and said "How many times do I have to tell you, my name isn't Mattie, the name I was given is Matthew! I also love Prussia/Canada (Gilbert/Matthew), its my OTP!

When she told Gilbert this, she rolled her eyes a few times and muttered something men and their stupidity of not knowing what gender is what.The awesome Gilbert has come to grace you with his awesome presence!So lets have pancakes with maple syrup to celebrate!" Gilbert said with protest, he didn't want anyone to know the, awesome, secret that only he and Canada knew.Now some might be asking, how on earth does Prussia know a secret that not even France, England, or America, well lets a look in the past shall we, about four years ago I believe…-x-x-"Hey, my Canadian friend!

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That and Kumajiro knew, but he's not human so he doesn't count After telling Gilbert, he couldn't help but feel angry at France, and England for not realizing that Canada was a woman, he realized that if they taken the time to stop and look at her, they would had figured out she was a woman, same went to America, if he would had stopped being a was really a sister.

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